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PowerOak PS6530 energy storage system

How does PowerOak's ESS work?

With PowerOak's Energy Storage Systems (ESS) you have energy anytime, anywhere. What is special about the PowerOak systems is that they are completely preconfigured and equipped with all components that allow you to always have an energy supply available in a simple and easy way.

Price €6,279.00

    PowerOak Bluetti PS10 / EB240 2.400Wh AC/DC power station

    - Battery capacity: 2,400 watt hours, lithium-ion battery (3C tariff) from the automotive industry, over 2,500 charging and discharging cycles.
    - Rated power: max. 1,000 watts continuously
    - Solar panel charging: MPPT, 16-60V, Max.500W, Max.10A
    - Charge 8 devices simultaneously
    - Regulated 12V output, ideal for devices powered by a car cigarette lighter
    4 charging modes: socket, solar panels, car cigarette lighter (special adapter required from our shop) and generator (petrol, diesel or gas)

    Price €1,679.00

      Bluetti B300 extension battery 3072Wh

      - Suitable for different occasions Equipped with a 100W USB-C, a 12V/10A car output and a USB-A port, you can use the B300 as a portable power station.
      The intelligent MPPT inside the B300 enables fast charging by solar energy with a maximum charging scale of 200W.
      You can also charge it from a wall outlet, car charge or lead-acid battery.
      Car and lead-acid battery charging must be realized through the D050S.
      - 4 years worry free warranty.

      Price €1,579.00
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