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PowerOak Bluetti PS10 / EB240 2.400Wh AC/DC power station

- Battery capacity: 2,400 watt hours, lithium-ion battery (3C tariff) from the automotive industry, over 2,500 charging and discharging cycles.
- Rated power: max. 1,000 watts continuously
- Solar panel charging: MPPT, 16-60V, Max.500W, Max.10A
- Charge 8 devices simultaneously
- Regulated 12V output, ideal for devices powered by a car cigarette lighter
4 charging modes: socket, solar panels, car cigarette lighter (special adapter required from our shop) and generator (petrol, diesel or gas)

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    - PowerOak Bluetti B300 3.072Wh battery module - Power Banks -
    Limited Offer!

    Bluetti B300 extension battery 3072Wh

    - Suitable for different occasions Equipped with a 100W USB-C, a 12V/10A car output and a USB-A port, you can use the B300 as a portable power station.
    The intelligent MPPT inside the B300 enables fast charging by solar energy with a maximum charging scale of 200W.
    You can also charge it from a wall outlet, car charge or lead-acid battery.
    Car and lead-acid battery charging must be realized through the D050S.
    - 4 years worry free warranty.

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