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    PowerOak Bluetti EB55 537Wh solar AC/DC generator
    PowerOak Bluetti EB55 537Wh solar AC/DC generator
    PowerOak Bluetti EB55 537Wh solar AC/DC generator
    PowerOak Bluetti EB55 537Wh solar AC/DC generator
    PowerOak Bluetti EB55 537Wh solar AC/DC generator
    PowerOak Bluetti EB55 537Wh solar AC/DC generator
    PowerOak Bluetti EB55 537Wh solar AC/DC generator
    PowerOak Bluetti EB55 537Wh solar AC/DC generator

    PowerOak Bluetti EB55 537Wh solar AC/DC generator

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    1-4 Tagen

    - 537Wh premium LiFePo4 battery
    400W input / quick charge (AC charge + solar charge)
    Fully charged in less than 2 hours
    100W USB-C port
    2 x 220V-240V/700W AC outputs
    Powers 11 devices simultaneously
    5 types of fast charge AC/Solar/Car/AC+Solar/AC+AC)
    - LED light

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    EU3234363840424446USXX5XSSMLXLXXLXXLArm Length6161,56262,56363,56464,5Bust Circumference8084889296101106111Waist Girth6165697377828792Hip Circumference87919599103108113118

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    Meets all your camping needs

    "The compact and lightweight design makes the BLUETTI EB55 a portable power station that is perfect for use in an RV or on a camping trip. With a capacity of 537Wh and a built-in 700W (up to 1,400W short-term) inverter, it can The EB55 will power most of your essential outdoor devices and electronics such as cell phones, mini freezers, radios, projectors and more."

    How efficient is the EB55?

    Don't let its small size fool you - the EB55 packs 537 Wh of energy x 0.85 efficiency. Its 11 sockets can charge as many devices as you like at the same time - no more waiting for all your electronics to boot up. USB-C (PD3.0) 100W HIGH SPEED CHARGING. With the Bluetti EB55, you can work independently of the mains on your notebook without any problems. You can fully charge your notebook within 2 hours and thus optimize your computer usage.


    This product can be used for household appliances with a power consumption of 700W or less. However, devices with high starting power (air conditioners, electric screwdrivers, etc.) may enter overvoltage protection mode even if their power rating is less than 700W. It is advisable to only use electrical products whose values are within this performance range.
    2 * AC voltage 220-240V /50Hz
    2 * DC voltage (5521) 12V/10A
    1 * USB Type-C 100W
    4 * USB-A 5V/3A
    1* QI wireless charging 15W 1*
    Cigarette lighter connection 12V/10A


    The BLUETTI EB55 offers you various options so that you have full control over your device. You can use any of the five charging modes via mains, solar, car or in combination. The EB55 has a dual quick charge function. This makes it possible to charge with two power packs at the same time or with one power pack and PV at the same time. In an emergency, you can significantly reduce your loading time. The user should not worry that the battery life will be affected as the LiFePo4 cells have a discharge cycle life of 2,500. The solar charging input can be used from 12V to 28V and can process up to 200W of power. The EB55 has a built-in MPPT circuit that stabilizes the current from solar energy for effective charging. Power supply charging 200W 200W solar panel: 200W car power supply + 200W solar panel power supply + power supply charging


    Imagine the BLUETTI EB55 in a variety of situations and uses. It is your ideal companion on excursions, in your mobile home, when camping, on the beach, in your garden or simply for use at home. They can power almost all major outdoor devices including cell phones, cameras, bluetooth speakers, mini freezers, radios, projectors, tools and more. The party never stops with the EB55. In serious situations, EB55 is a reliable ally. It serves as a backup power source for your home. The device has LED lighting with three modes - bright, dim and SOS flashing. To change lighting modes, simply press the switch. Use full light at night, dim light during the day, and SOS flashing for distress signals. With the EB55, you can be safe even when stranded.

    So that the energy never runs out

    Suitable for various occasions

    990 Items

    Data sheet

    LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate)
    537Wh (22.4V, 24Ah)
    Storage temperature
    Life cycles
    Over 2,500 cycles to 80% of original capacity
    Recharge to 80% every 3-6 months
    Management system
    MPPT controller, BMS, etc.
    USB-A connection
    USB-C connection
    AC input
    220-240V 700W
    Car entrance
    DC 12V 10A
    Dimensions (LxWxD)
    Operating temperatur
    UL, CEC, DOE, FCC, CA Prop 65
    24 Months
    Wireless charging pad
    15 w

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    PowerOak Bluetti EB55 537Wh solar AC/DC generator

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