Optimize Your Finances with KIA and EIA: Smart Investing and Savings

Optimize Your Finances with KIA and EIA: Smart Investing and Savings

As an entrepreneur, you are always looking for ways to grow your business and save costs at the same time. Two interesting tax schemes that can help you with this are KIA (Small-scale Investment Allowance) and EIA (Energy Investment Allowance). In this blog we will go into more detail about what these schemes entail and, using calculation examples, we will show how you can benefit from tax benefits.

## What is KIA?

KIA stands for Small-scale Investment Allowance and is intended to stimulate investments in business assets. This scheme applies to a wide range of investments, such as machines, equipment, and even solar panels. How does it work?

If you, as an entrepreneur, invest between €2,600 and €353,973 in business assets in a year, you are eligible for KIA. The amount you can deduct varies based on your investment and can be as high as 28%.

## What is EIA?

EIA, or Energy Investment Deduction, aims to promote investments in energy-efficient assets. This includes, for example, LED lighting, heat pumps, and energy-efficient equipment. The EIA scheme offers an additional tax deduction on top of the regular depreciation.

The amount of the deduction varies, but can be as much as 45.5% of the investment amount. This means that you can deduct a significant part of your investment from your taxable profit.

## Calculation example: KIA and EIA in Practice

Imagine that you have a sole proprietorship with an annual profit of €100,000 and €2,600 ex VAT that you want to invest in energy-efficient equipment (power station with solar panels) that qualifies for both KIA and EIA. Let's see how much tax you can save:

1. **KIA Calculation:**

   - Your investment is €2,600.

   - KIA amount = 28% of €2,600 = €728.

   - Your profit of €100,000 is reduced by €728 for the KIA deduction.

   - You pay tax on €99,272 instead of €100,000.

2. **EIA Calculation:**

   - Suppose the investment qualifies for 45.5% EIA.

   - EIA amount = 45.5% of €2,600 = €1,183.

   - You can deduct this amount additionally from your taxable profit.

## Tax savings

The total tax savings is the sum of the KIA and EIA amounts:

- KIA: €728,-

- EIA: €1,183

Together this is €1,911 in tax benefits.

But what does this mean in practice? Let's assume the highest tax rate, namely 50% (rounded off for easier calculations). We already know that both KIA and EIA represent a total additional tax deduction of €1,911. In addition, we have the option to write off the initial investment of €2,600 over a period of 5 years. This means that we can deduct a total of €4,511 from our taxable profit.

In concrete terms, this means that we do not have to pay tax on the amount just mentioned, resulting in a saving of €2,255. So, the net investment actually amounts to €2,600 minus €2,255 (tax benefit) = €344.5.

That is really an opportunity.

But let's go one step further. Suppose we decide to purchase the AC200 Max together with 2 x F380W solar panels.

We offer a package consisting of a flexible solar panel and an AC200 Max for vans, so you will never be without power again.

The solar panel is installed on the roof, and the power station is stored in the van. Some benefits for van owners include:

  • Convenience: All electrical devices can be charged while you are on the go.

  • Flexibility: You will never be dependent on a power connection again. With the AC200 Max you can power all your devices.

  • Payback period of 1 year: If you fully charge and discharge the AC200 Max every day, you will save €350 per year at current energy prices.

## Conclusion

KIA and EIA are powerful instruments that allow you as an entrepreneur to invest in growth and energy efficiency, while at the same time reducing your tax obligations. It is important to stay informed of current regulations and possibly seek advice from a tax advisor to get the most out of these schemes. In short, with smart investments you can not only grow your business, but also optimize your finances.

The Tax Benefit Depends on Various Factors

It is important to note that the tax benefit of both KIA and EIA depends on several factors, including your tax bracket and your business form. The amount of your tax benefit may vary depending on your individual situation.

  • Tax brackets : The amount of your tax benefit is influenced by the tax bracket you fall into. In the Netherlands we have different brackets with associated tax rates. This means that the same deductible amount for KIA and EIA can yield different tax savings depending on your income.

  • Business form : The business form you have chosen also plays a role. For example, if you have a sole proprietorship, the tax benefit is usually offset against your personal income tax. In the case of a BV, deducting these investments can affect corporate tax.

To get an accurate estimate of the tax benefits you can achieve by using KIA and EIA, we recommend that you contact us. Our experts can help you determine the specific benefits that apply to your situation and perform a detailed calculation.

Optimizing your tax benefit is an important part of financial planning for entrepreneurs. By taking advantage of these schemes, you can not only invest in your business, but also save significantly on your taxes. Do not hesitate to contact us for personal advice and tailor-made calculations tailored to your unique circumstances. We are ready to help you maximize your financial benefits.

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