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Bluetti B300 extension battery 3072Wh

- Suitable for different occasions Equipped with a 100W USB-C, a 12V/10A car output and a USB-A port, you can use the B300 as a portable power station.
The intelligent MPPT inside the B300 enables fast charging by solar energy with a maximum charging scale of 200W.
You can also charge it from a wall outlet, car charge or lead-acid battery.
Car and lead-acid battery charging must be realized through the D050S.
- 4 years worry free warranty.

Price €1,579.00
  • On sale!

Bluetti EB3A Portable Power Station

- 600W pure sine wave inverter (1,200W peak voltage)
- 268Wh capacity
- 430W max. fast dual charging (solar + AC)
- LiFePO4 battery with over 2,500 life cycles up to 80% remaining capacity
- 6 ways to charge (mains/solar/car/generator/mains+solar/mains+adapter)
- 8 outputs to operate multiple devices at the same time
- Intelligent control and monitoring in the BLUETTI app
- 200W max solar input
- Easy to carry / fast charging / safe and reliable / cost effective

Price €279.00

    Bluetti EB70 716Wh solar AC/DC generator

    - Strong 716Wh capacity with 1000W output
    2*AC voltage outputs with pure sine
    LiFePO4 battery/2500+ life cycles up to a capacity of 80%
    2*USB-C 100W sockets
    10 outputs for different devices
    4 different charging options (SOLAR/AC/CAR ON-BOARD NETWORK/GENERATOR)
    200W solar panel charging in 4 hours
    Socket AC voltage charging in 4 hours
    12V vehicle electrical system charging in 7-8 hours

    Price €499.00

      Bluetti EB55 537Wh solar AC/DC generator

      - 537Wh premium LiFePo4 battery
      400W input / quick charge (AC charge + solar charge)
      Fully charged in less than 2 hours
      100W USB-C port
      2 x 220V-240V/700W AC outputs
      Powers 11 devices simultaneously
      5 types of fast charge AC/Solar/Car/AC+Solar/AC+AC)
      - LED light

      Price €449.00

        Bluetti EP500 Pro 5100Wh solar generator

        - 5100Wh LiFePo4/3000W PSW inverter
        - 3500+ cycles up to 80% capacity
        - Mobile Power Plant
        On-Grid UPS Mode & Flexible UPS Mode (24/7)
        Off-grid energy storage
        Multiple devices can be charged at the same time
        Flexible charging to keep your EP500Pro always on
        App remote control
        Smart touch screen

        Price €3,099.00

          Bluetti AC300+B300 home battery storage

          3,000W AC Pure Sine wave Inverter (6,000W Surge).
          3,072Wh Capacity (expandable with up to 4 × B300 for 12,288Wh).
          7 ways to Recharge (AC/solar power/car/generator/battery/double AC/AC+solar power).
          2,400W Max. Solar input.
          5,400W Max. Fast Dual Charging (solar + AC adapter simultaneously).
          Smart App control & monitoring.
          24/7 UPS Home Backup.
          4-year worry-free Warranty.

          Price €2,699.00

            Bluetti AC200 Max Expandable Power Station | 2200W 2048Wh

            - Capacity: 2048Wh for AC200MAX. LFP battery with a lifespan of 3500+ to 80%.
            - Expandable with up to 2 battery modules.
            - Up to 6,144Wh with 2×B230 batteries or 8,192Wh with 2×B300 batteries
            2,200 W pure sine wave inverter, peak load max. 4800 W.
            Up to 900W solar input power and 500W adapter input, 1400W total.
            Intelligent app control and monitoring.

            Price €1,349.00
            • On sale!

            Bluetti B230 expansion battery | 2048Wh

            - B230 mit einer Kapazität von 2048Wh.
            - Ein 100W USB-C, ein 12V/10A Autoausgang und ein USB-A Anschluss.
            Vielseitige Stromeingänge ermöglichen das Aufladen, egal wo Sie sind.
            - Solarladung, Autoladung und Ladung von Blei-Säure-Batterien müssen durch D050S realisiert werden

            Price €1,679.00

              Bluetti AC500 + B300S Power Station Combo - EU version

              - 5,000W nominal output (10,000W Surge)
              - Expandable battery capacity (expandable from 3,072Wh to 18,432Wh)
              - LiFePO4 battery with 3,500+ life cycles up to 80%
              - Intelligent APP control (WiFi & Bluetooth connection)
              6 ways to charge (AC/Solar/Auto/Generator/Battery/Dual Charge (Dual AC/AC+Solar)).
              Charge 99% devices (16 outputs)
              24/7 UPS home backup
              4 year guarantee

              Price €3,199.00

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