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Voltero PS24 / 2x S200 2200WH bundle


Never get stuck at home or in the office again. Create your own mobile office in the camp, in nature or by the sea. Now you can decide for yourself how, when and where you want to play or work with your notebook, tablet and phone without running out of power. The battery capacity is 2,232Wh with LiFePo4 built in battery with +3,500 life cycles.

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Voltero PS18 1500Wh + 2 x S200 solar panel bundle


The Voltero PS18 1500Wh with 2 x S200 solar panel bundle offers a comprehensive solution for portable and sustainable energy needs. This bundle includes the Voltero PS18, a powerful 1500 watt-hour portable energy storage unit, and two Voltero S200 solar panels. This combination allows you to use solar energy to charge the energy storage unit, giving you a reliable and environmentally friendly energy source on the go. Ideal for camping, outdoor activities and situations where a reliable power supply is crucial.

Price €1,279.00
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