BLUETTI AC200MAX & F380 Krachtbundel


    This bundle includes the BLUETTI AC200MAX power station and the Voltero F380 380W flexible solar panel, including professional installation and EIA application. The AC200MAX offers unprecedented freedom and versatility, allowing you to effortlessly power electrical appliances such as coffee machines, microwaves and drills, anywhere, anytime. What really sets this bundle apart is the tax benefit. An initial investment of €3149 is converted into only €344.50 thanks to tax benefits such as KIA and EIA.

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    AC200MAX + F380
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    BLUETTI AC200MAX & Voltero F380 380W Power bundle (incl. installation & EIA application)

    The ultimate power solution for adventurers and construction professionals. This power bundle includes the BLUETTI AC200MAX, Voltero F380, installation on your van, and application from EIA. With this bundle, we unite innovative technology and environmentally friendly efficiency, so you can enjoy power anytime, anywhere, while taking maximum advantage of tax benefits. Find out why this €3,149 investment will ultimately only cost €344.50.

    Watt Solar Power
    1 W
    Output (AC200MAX)
    Installation waiting time (in days)


    Versatile Output Ports for Different Devices

    With 15 output ports including USB, DC and AC, the AC200MAX offers flexibility to connect different devices simultaneously, such as laptops, fans and coffee makers. With the handy Bluetti app on your phone you can easily monitor and manage energy consumption, providing added convenience and control.


    The BLUETTI AC200MAX power station is your reliable source of mobile energy. With an impressive battery power of 2048 watt hours and an output power of 2,000 watts, it powers all your devices. Whether you use a coffee maker, microwave or drill, you will never be without power.


    When you choose the BLUETTI AC200MAX + F380 bundle, you are assured of a professional installation by our certified experts. The F380 flexible solar panel is expertly mounted on the roof of your camper or mobile workspace. Here it is finished seamlessly and neatly, so that your vehicle retains its streamlined look.

    We place the AC200MAX power station inside your vehicle. This high-quality device provides a clean, safe power source for all your devices, wherever you are. Our installers provide professional installation and guarantee a seamless power supply for your comfort and convenience.

    The installation usually takes 1 day to complete, so you don't have to worry about losing your van for a long time. With this professional installation you are ready to enjoy green, cost-effective power wherever you want. Whether you're exploring the wilderness or working on a construction project, you can trust that your investment will be installed by dedicated professionals.

    As a professional, uninterrupted power is vital for your tools and equipment. Our flexible solar panels offer a mobile charging solution. They are installed on your work bus and integrate seamlessly with the power station, charging your devices for free on the go. Reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, these panels adapt to your specific needs.

    Voltero F380 Flexible Solar Panel

    The F380, our 380W flexible solar panel, represents the future of mobile and sustainable energy generation. Under optimal conditions, the BLUETTI AC200MAX is fully charged by the Voltero F380 within 5 hours. Offering unparalleled power and flexibility, this high-quality solar panel is designed to meet the needs of adventurers and professionals alike.

    Exceptional Durability

    The F380 is built to perform no matter the conditions. The panel can withstand extreme weather conditions, from heavy rain to intense heat, and even offers resistance to saltwater corrosion. In addition, the panel is flexible, allowing it to be installed on different surfaces without risk of damage.

    Exceptional Durability

    The F380 is built to perform, no matter the conditions. The panel can withstand extreme weather conditions, from heavy rain to intense heat, and even offers resistance to saltwater corrosion. In addition, the panel is flexible, allowing it to be installed on different surfaces without risk of damage.

    Sunpower Solar Cell (Cell efficiency 24%)

    With our Sunpower solar cells we use unique back contact technology and remove electrodes on the surface of the solar cell that block sunlight. This increases the efficiency of solar panels by as much as 30% compared to regular panels.

    With a cell efficiency of 24%, our Sunpower solar cells deliver the most powerful efficiency available on the commercial market.


    Our solar panels are designed to last and provide excellent resistance to salt water, extreme weather conditions and high temperatures. If they are installed on a flat surface, you can even stand or walk on them occasionally without causing damage. This means you can enjoy the benefits of sustainable solar energy with confidence, knowing your investment will withstand the elements and long-term use.

    Save With Tax Benefits: KIA and EIA

    Now the exciting part: the price. Your initial investment of €3,149 can ultimately be reduced to just €344.50, thanks to the tax benefits available. With the Small-scale Investment Allowance (KIA) you can deduct 28% of your investment from your taxable profit, while the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) offers additional tax benefits for energy-efficient equipment, such as this bundle.

    Click below for a complete explanation of why you can earn back this investment within 1 year!

    In the world of the construction sector & craftsmen, time is precious, we know that from personal experience. This is why we guarantee that the installation will be completed within one day, so that you can get back to work with your transformed work van the next day.

    Both products are made to take on the toughest challenges and provide you with years of pleasure and convenience. The AC200MAX has a lifespan of 3500+ charging cycles, which equates to 9.5 years of daily use. After the 3500 charging cycles the battery is still intact, but at 80%. So practically speaking, you can use this installation for decades and benefit from the tax benefits.

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