BLUETTI AC200MAX + S370 power bundle


    Discover the impressive BLUETTI AC200MAX power station with a capacity of 2,048 Wh and versatile outputs. This rugged LiFePO4 battery provides reliable power for your adventures. Combine it with the efficient 370 W Voltero S370 solar panel for optimal absorption of solar energy. Embrace independence with this scalable and expandable combination, backed by a 2+2 year (AC200MAX) and 12 month (S370) warranty. Go green and enjoy the freedom of portable and sustainable energy wherever you go!

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    AC200MAX + S370
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    Unparalleled Capacity due to Powerful LiFePO4 Batteries

    The Bluetti AC200MAX features an impressive 2048Wh LiFePO4 battery with +3,500 life cycles, while the B300 offers an additional capacity of 3072Wh. Together they provide a total capacity of 5120Wh, which more than covers your energy needs during camping, traveling and power outages. Trust the durability and performance of these high-quality batteries.

    2200W Power for Endless Possibilities

    The AC200MAX offers a maximum power of 2200W and a peak power of 4800W, providing a wide range of outputs to meet all your electrical needs. Whether you want to use a coffee maker, electric grill or other higher power appliances, this bundle delivers reliable and powerful power.

    USB PD 60W

    Voltero S370 weighs only 12.0 kg. Folded dimensions are 860x620x30mm. Expanded dimensions are 2309x860x15mm


    Voltero S370 has a voltage of 20V. It is suitable for charging almost all solar generators currently available on the market


    - Voltero S370 has a voltage of 20V. It is suitable for charging almost all solar generators currently available on the market


    - SunPower 161 cells with 24% efficiency. Parallel connection of solar cells has less influence on the efficiency

    Versatile Output Ports for Different Devices

    With 15 output ports including USB, DC and AC, the AC200MAX offers flexibility to connect different devices simultaneously, such as laptops, fans and coffee makers. With the handy Bluetti app on your phone you can easily monitor and manage energy consumption, providing added convenience and control.

    Sustainable Charging with Solar Energy

    Choose an environmentally friendly energy solution by charging the AC200MAX with solar panels. Thanks to the advanced solar input, you can connect up to 900 watts of solar panels. When combined with the included AC adapter, the BLUETTI AC200MAX is fully charged within 2 hours and ready for your next adventure.

    Expandable Capacity for Long Term Use

    Do you need even more capacity? The AC200MAX can easily be expanded with additional batteries, creating sufficient energy reserve to power your household appliances for days in the event of a power outage. Enjoy complete independence and peace of mind.


    Reliable and Durable Choice with a 4-year warranty

    At PowerOak we have complete confidence in the quality and durability of our products. That's why the AC200MAX comes with a 4-year warranty. We stand behind our off-grid energy solutions and offer you the peace of mind you deserve.


    Voltero S370 solar panel can be used to charge all MC4 power stations, such as BLUETTI EB55, EB70 etc.


    Voltero S370 solar panel can also be used to charge any other solar generator. The most important thing is that the generator has an MC4 connection and an acceptable voltage of 21V.


    Voltero S370 solar panel can also be used to charge our S25 and S50 power banks. Thanks to the unique built-in USB-C PD connection, you can charge our S25 and S50 "solar" power banks


    Voltero S370 is built with SunPower cells to ensure high conversion efficiency up to 24.3%. With an excellent transparency of 95%, this Voltero S370 watt solar panel performs better than all other poly- or monocrystalline solar panels in low light. It comes with 4 fixed stands that provide direct sunlight on the panel to maximize panel usage.

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