Bluetti AC60P + Voltero S160 discount bundle


    Meet the ultimate power solution for on the road! The BLUETTI AC60P, combined with the power of a Voltero S160 solar panel, provides portable, sustainable energy wherever you are.

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    AC60P + S160
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    BLUETTI AC60P Power Station | 600W 504Wh

    Water-resistant power station AC60

    The BLUETTI AC60 is not just a solar generator; it is designed to deliver top performance no matter the conditions.

    With an impressive IP65 rating for water and dust protection, you can rely on its durability even in challenging situations. Furthermore, the AC60 is whisper quiet, with a noise level of less than 45 dB, ensuring peace and quiet during your adventures. With an expandable capacity of up to 2,116 Wh, you are always prepared for any energy need, whether camping in the wilderness or a power outage at home.

    Why 6 year warranty?

    Our 6 year warranty is a vote of confidence in the exceptional quality and reliability of the AC60.

    This power station is built to last, with high-quality materials such as a rugged aluminum alloy housing and a long-lasting LiFePO4 battery with a lifespan of over 10 years. In addition, the AC60's unique design features waterproof seals and isolated fan circuits, ensuring your power source remains safe, even in rainy conditions. Advanced technologies such as intelligent Battery Management System (BMS), an efficient Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller and Power Lifting technology ensure interference-free top performance.

    Power everywhere, on the road or on the water

    The BLUETTI AC60 is the world's first portable power station to be IP65 rated, meaning it is water and dust resistant. Weighing only 9.1 kg, it is easy to carry, so you have power available anytime, anywhere. Whether you're traveling through dusty deserts or relaxing on the shores of a lake, even in the harshest weather conditions, you can count on the AC60.

    Small, but powerful

    Thanks to our industry-leading Power Lifting technology*, the AC60 can deliver an impressive 1,200W from its 600W inverter, powering even high-power appliances such as hairdryers and grills. With 7 versatile outlets, you can power a wide range of appliances including ice makers, refrigerators, electric blankets, phones, laptops and more. Enjoy the outdoors with the comforts of home.

    Power Lifting technology enables the operation of devices with a power of less than 1,200 W

    Flexible capacity for longer stays

    The AC60 contains 504 Wh of power in the safest LiFePO4 battery, with over 3000 cycles before reaching 80%. You can expand the capacity by adding two B80 expansion batteries (806 Wh each), increasing the total power to 2,116 Wh. This is more than sufficient for short trips or longer periods away from the electricity grid.

    Fast charging in one hour

    Thanks to our BLUETTI Turbo Charging technology you can charge an AC60 power station (504 Wh) in just 1 hour via AC charging. So you don't have to wait long before you can get back on the road. Once you're ready to start your outdoor adventure, the AC60 is ready and waiting for you.

    Multiple charging ways

    In addition to fast charging via the wall socket, the AC60 supports solar energy, car chargers and lead-acid batteries as charging sources. You can choose which method best suits your situation, so that your AC60 is always ready to use when you need it.

    Voltero S160 160W foldable solar panel

    Efficiency in %

    Voltero Smart Powering
    Voltero stands for quality and our products are the best proof of this.

    The Voltero S160 Solar Panel is foldable, powerful, lightweight and flexible. The Voltero S160 Panel has a power of 160 watts and is made of semi-flexible plastic with high quality standards. The Voltero S160 panel is splash-proof and can be used in almost any situation.

    Specifications S160:

    Solar panel with SunPower cells

    Efficiency, 24.3%

    Power: 160W/21V (40W x 4 pieces)

    Material black 900D polyester

    Dimensions: 53 x 42 x 3 cm (folded); 175 x 53 x 0.5 cm (unfolded)

    Weight: 5.2KG

    MC4 connector

    Ideal for Voltero , PowerOak, Bluetti, Jackery and EcoFlow generators

    Reinforced back of the solar panel so that it does not bend

    Ideal for hiking, camping and military use, off-grid solar panel system, caravan, camper, boat, greenhouse solar panel system, solar irrigation system etc.

    24.3% conversion rate

    Voltero S160 is built with SunPower cells to ensure high conversion efficiency up to 24.3%. With an excellent transparency of 95%, this Voltero S160 watt solar panel performs better than all other poly- or monocrystalline solar panels in low light. It comes with 4 fixed stands that provide direct sunlight on the panel to maximize panel usage.

    Suitable for all solar generators

    Voltero S160 solar panel can be used to charge almost any power station, such as BLUETTI, EcoFlow, Voltero , Jackery, Anker etc.

    Wide compatibility

    Voltero S160 solar panel can also be used to charge any other solar generator. The most important thing is that the generator has an MC4 connection and an acceptable voltage of 21V.

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