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The Voltero PS6-S160 600Wh bundle offers a compact and portable energy storage system with a capacity of 600 watt hours. This package includes the Voltero PS6 portable energy storage and the Voltero S160 solar panel, so you can easily enjoy power on the go. Perfect for camping, traveling and powering small electronic devices.

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Voltero Smart Powering
Voltero stands for quality and our products are the best proof of it.

Voltero PS6 600WH solar generator

More mobility
Never get stuck at home or in the office again. Create your own mobile office in the camp, in nature or by the sea. Now you can decide for yourself how, when and where you want to play or work with your notebook, tablet and phone without running out of power. The battery capacity is 595Wh with LiFePo4 built in battery with +3.500 life cycles.

Mobile powerhouse
Get used to being able to work at full speed anywhere as this powerhouse is fully up to date with the latest technologies. The Voltero PS6 solar generator is equipped with newest LiFePo4 batteries. It has also a 600W pure sine inverter with 1.000W surge power. Voltero PS6 also offer USB-C PD2.0 PPS power output max 60W and 2 x USB A port with max 18W. But that is not all. PS6 has alo 3 x 12V ports. 2 ports are DC 5.5 x 2.1mm with 12V 10A. There is also a cigarette lighter port available. So total output on all 3 12V ports is 120W. You can connect 3 devices with each 40W or 1 with 120W.

Smart display
The electric generator large color LED display provides a real-time battery power monitoring system to help you keep track of the power level status. including remaining cell capacity, current input and output, battery status while charging and accurately displaying the remaining working time of the Voltero PS6 station during work (accurate to the minute)

Smart charging
The Voltero PS6 solar battery generator has five ways to recharge: the wall outlet (100W), USB-C Port (you can use our C65 or C100 wall chargers), car charging, solar panel, and USB-C (60W) + Wall Outlet (100W). When you use the dual-port, just USB-C + wall outlet for charging, it only takes 3.5 hours for the portable charging station to quickly charge from 0-80%.

Voltero PS6 solar generator can charge all USB-C devices. In the package there is no USB C cable included. You can buy additionally our Voltero C1 (1 meter length) and C2 (2 meter length) PD3.0 100W 10Gbps data cable

Charging and discharging at the same time is possible

Solar charging is supported
Voltero PS6 can also be charged with our solar panels like Voltero S110 and Voltero S220. Voltero S370 and Voltero S420 panels cannot be connected directly to Voltero PS6 because they have to high voltage. However you can use S370 and S420 to charge the PS6 with USB C port.

For example S370 and S420 have built in 60W PD charger, so in optimal conditions you can charge PS6 with only USB C within 8 hours.

What is in the box?
- PS6 5000Wh solar generator
- 100W grid charger
- 12V cigarette charger cable
- MC4 to DC7909 solar cable


- USB-C charger. You can use your own charger or buy ours C65 or C100

- Solar panel. See our S110 and S220

Voltero S160 foldable solar panel

The Voltero S160 Solar Panel is foldable, powerful, lightweight and flexible. The Voltero S160 Panel has a 160 watt of Power and is made from semi flexible plastic with high quality standards. The Voltero S160 panel is splash water-proof and can be used in almost every situation.

Specifications S160:
* Solar Panel with SunPower cells
* Efficiency, 24,3%
* Power: 160W/21V (40W x 4pcs)
* Material black 900D polyester
* Dimensions : 53 x 42 x 3 cm (folded); 175 x 53 x 0,5 cm (unfolded)
* Weight: 5,2KG
* MC4 connector
* Ideal for Voltero, PowerOak, Bluetti, Jackery, and EcoFlow generators
* Strengthened back of the solar panel so it does not bend

Constructed so you can charge:
- Voltero PS6, PS12, PS18 and PS24

- PowerOak Bluetti PS5 / EB40, PS6 / AC50, PS7 / AC100, PS8 / EB180, PS9 / EB180, PS10 / EB240, EB55, EB70, AC200 Max, AC300 and EP500 Pro

- EcoFlow River Pro 720Wh, Delta Mini 822Wh, Delta 1260Wh, Delta Max 1600Wh, Delta Max 2016Wh, Delta Pro 3600Wh

- Jackery Explorer 160, 240, 290, 300, 500, 550, 880, 1000, 1500 and 2000

* Just 5,2kg / Plug & Play
* 25-year transferable power output warranty: 5-year/95% efficiency rate, 10-year/90% efficiency rate, 25-year/80% efficiency rate 2-year material and workmanship warranty
* SunPower monocrystalline Solar Cell, 24,3% efficiency rate
* Output cable MC4 1,5m

24,3% Conversion Rate
Voltero S160 is built with SunPower cells to guarantee a high conversion efficiency up to 24,3%. With excellent 95% transparency, this Voltero S160 watt solar panel performs better than any other poly- or monocrystalline solar panels in low-light conditions. It comes with 4 fixed stands that ensure direct sunlight onto the panel to maximize panel utilization.

Q: Does Voltero PS6 portable power station 600w include a built-in MPPT controller?

A: All Voltero power stations have a built-in MPPT controller.

Q: What devices can be charged/powered by Voltero PS6 power station?

A: Voltero PS6 solar genrator 600W features 1 x 230V/600W AC output (Pure sine wave), so it can power most devices under 600W.

Q: How long will the PS6 power my device?

A: Working time (estimation) = 595Wh* 0.8 / operating power of your device = Hours (0.8=Conversion Rate due to losses).

Please note that the actual working time may vary under different situations.

Q: Why does the battery lose power when not in use?

A: The unit may be in standby mode where the power supply, screen, and/or inverter could be using up to 50W. Remember to long-press the power button to turn the unit completely off. If the unit loses power when completely off, try recharging it to 100% and use it to 0% two or three times to calibrate the battery.

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