Bluetti AC2P + Voltero S120 discount bundle


    Discover the ultimate portable power solution with the Bluetti AC2P bundle, including a powerful Voltero S120 solar panel. This bundle provides reliable power on the go, ideal for camping, traveling and emergency situations.

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    AC2P + S120
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    BLUETTI AC2P Portable Power Station​

    The Bluetti AC2P Portable Power Station is not just any power source; it is a reliable companion that is always ready to meet all your energy needs, wherever you are. With a generous 230.4Wh capacity and an impressive 300W output, the AC2P offers the perfect balance between portability and performance, making it ideal for outdoor adventures, emergencies or everyday use.

    In addition to its ability to power essential devices, the AC2P stands out with its unique Power Lifting Mode, which allows it to handle resistive loads up to 600W, such as electric blankets and camping kettles. With three convenient AC charging modes - Standard, Turbo and Silent - the AC2P offers versatile charging options that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

    One of the biggest advantages of the AC2P is its flexible charging options. Whether you’re off-grid on an adventure trip, camping in the wilderness or simply need an extra power source during a power outage, the AC2P offers a variety of charging options, including solar power (via a 200W solar panel), a 12V car charger cable or even a generator.

    With its compact size and light weight of only 3.6kg, the AC2P is easy to carry and take with you anywhere. Whether you’re away for a weekend, camping or simply need some extra power for your electronic devices, the AC2P is always ready to go.

    And with the Bluetti app, you can easily check the status of your AC2P, monitor its energy consumption in real time and adjust its settings, all via your smartphone within a radius of up to 10 metres thanks to Bluetooth connectivity.

    In short, with the Bluetti AC2P Portable Power Station, you are assured of freedom, convenience and reliable power, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

    Specifications of the BLUETTI AC2P:

    Warranty: 5 years
    Battery type: LiFePO4
    Battery capacity in Wh: 230.4Wh
    USB output:
    2 x USB-A 5V/2.4A
    1 x USB-C PD 100W
    DC output: 1 x 12V/10A
    230V output:
    2 x AC 230V (EU Schuko)
    Max. 300W continuous load
    Max. 600W peak load
    DC input:
    Input power: 270W via adapter
    Solar panel input voltage: 200W 12V - 28V (max. 8.5A)
    AC charging time:
    Standard mode: 2 hours
    Turbo mode 350W: 80 minutes
    Silent: 4 hours
    Wi-Fi function: Yes via Bluetooth
    Dimensions: 250mm × 156.5mm × 174.5mm
    Weight: 3.6kg

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    How long does it take to charge the AC2P?

    The charging time of the AC2P varies depending on the charging method used. In fast Turbo mode, it only takes 80 minutes to charge the AC2P at 350W, while Standard mode takes about 2 hours. Silent mode extends the charging time to 4 hours.


    Can I connect my solar panel directly to the AC2P?

    Yes, the AC2P is compatible with solar panels up to 200W. Simply connect your solar panel to the dedicated port on the AC2P and enjoy solar power even when you are off-grid.


    What devices can I connect to the AC2P?

    The AC2P is suitable for powering a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, small personal appliances and even some lower wattage electrical devices such as fans and LED lights. Make sure that the total power consumption of your devices remains within the power range of the AC2P to ensure optimal performance.

    Voltero S120 120w 18V opvouwbaar ZONNEPANEEL MET SUNPOWER CELLEN

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    Voltero Smart Powering
    Voltero stands for quality and our products are the best proof of it.

    The Voltero S120 Solar Panel is foldable, powerful, lightweight and flexible. The Voltero S120 Panel has a 120 watt of Power and is made from semi flexible plastic with high quality standards. The Voltero S120 panel is splash water proof and can be used in almost every situation.

    The Voltero S120 Solar Panel is foldable, powerful, light and flexible. The S120 panel has a power of 120 watts and is made of semi-flexible plastic with SunPower cells. These are much better and more efficient than mono cells. The S120 panel is splash water proof and can be used in almost every situation.

    Specifications Voltero S120:

    - Solar panel with SunPower cells
    - Yield 24%
    - Power: 120W / 18V (20W x 6 pieces)
    - Material black 900D polyester
    - Dimensions: 42 x 29 x 3 cm (folded); 173 x 42 (unfolded)
    - Weight: 2.9 kg
    - MC4 connector
    - Ideal for PowerOak Bluetti EB3A, AC30, EB40, AC50S, EB55, EB70, PS7 / AC100, PS8 / EB150, PS9 / EB180, PS10 / EB240, PS2020, EB200, AC200P, AC200 Max, AC300, AC500 and EP500 Pro

    24.3% conversion rate

    Voltero S120 is built with SunPower cells to ensure a high conversion efficiency of up to 24.3%. With an excellent transparency of 95%, this Voltero S120 watt solar panel outperforms all other poly or monocrystalline solar panels in low light conditions

    Suitable for almost all power stations

    Voltero S120 solar panel can be used to charge all MC4 power stations, such as BLUETTI EB55, EB70 etc.


    Wide compatibility

    Voltero S120 solar panel can also be used to charge any other solar generator. The most important thing is that the generator has an MC4 connection and an acceptable voltage of 21V.

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