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In our Power Bundles section, where we offer unbeatable deals on portable power units combined with solar panels. These exclusive bundles are designed to provide you with a seamless and cost-effective solution for your energy needs. With our carefully curated packages, you can harness the power of portable energy alongside the efficiency of solar panels, all at a discounted price. Discover the perfect power bundle for your requirements from our wide range of options below. If you need assistance in selecting the ideal bundle to meet your energy demands and budget, our team is here to offer personalized recommendations. Embrace sustainable energy solutions with our exceptional power bundles, designed to keep you charged and connected wherever you go.

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Voltero PS18 1500Wh + 2 x S200 solar panel bundle


The Voltero PS18 1500Wh with 2 x S200 solar panel bundle offers a comprehensive solution for portable and sustainable energy needs. This bundle includes the Voltero PS18, a powerful 1500 watt-hour portable energy storage unit, and two Voltero S200 solar panels. This combination allows you to use solar energy to charge the energy storage unit, giving you a reliable and environmentally friendly energy source on the go. Ideal for camping, outdoor activities and situations where a reliable power supply is crucial.

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